Sunday, January 20, 2008

More updates

Hello, hello! I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and let you all read about my not-so-interesting life. I am still at Intermountain Medical Center working on the rehab floor. I am really enjoying it. There is a possibility of switching to acute in March-April, which I think I will also enjoy. I am working on my FEES certification. It seems to be going well, if only I could get my leg to stop shaking. There is something about putting a camera in someone’s nose that makes me a little bit nervous. My CFY is officially over in February. I can’t wait to start signing everything with CCC! I also have a blog, as Alexis mentioned. Check us out at  Hope everyone is doing well and has adjusted to being a “professional”. I think I would rather still be a student. Well, beside the paycheck! 


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

checking in

Hey long lost classmates! It's nice to hear from some of you. Yay for Alyssa and Genna for starting their own blogs! (Rachel too - I saw your link on Alyssa's page a couple days ago and must admit to blog-stalking you since then. Your stories are just too funny to pass up.) Can't wait for the rest of you to come out of the woodwork soon and let everyone know you are still alive. I blog now too, which is probably apparent since Bob went ahead and put a link to my blog here. So, come visit it anytime. It has been a fun way to keep in touch with friends. We rarely post anything informative or interesting but we do post!

Things in Lawrence are great. I'm having a good old time working for the public schools in Topeka. I work in an urban district with preschool and elementary-age kids from low SES homes (almost 100% of my kids qualify for free school lunch). In all my IEP meetings I have not yet come across a "traditional" 2-parent family. Most of my kids are raised primarily by their grandparents, single moms, foster parents, aunts, etc. They have crazy little lives and they have lots of needs but most days I love hanging out with them.

I'd love to hear from you guys more often! Hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Baby Bateman Boy

We found out last week that we are going to have a boy! Sydney and Savannah are going to have a baby brother. We're excited (and a little nervous) to have our 3rd child. We kind of wished we had spaced them out a little better, but what do you do. For a few months each year their years will be right in a row (Sydney 3, Savannah 2, baby boy 1, or later on 6-5-4, etc). Wow we are gluttons for punishment. But it will be good. Sydney likes to pat Lindy's tummy and say "hi baby brother" and Savannah is completely oblivious to it (which she should). By the way, Savannah is turning one on Thursday (Jan 17th). We got a really cute picture of her at a photo studio on Saturday. When we get it back I'll post it, she has a cute red dress and hat on. Anyway, without any new pictures this post is pretty much pointless so I'll end it right now.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

job opportunity

I forgot to mention that Kids on the Move the company I work for is looking to hire an SLP as well. It is an EI job that pays well. It would be a 40 hour job where you go into families homes and teach them speech and language skills. You work in conjunction with OT's PT's and Providers (cognitive dev) to provide appropriate services. It is a really great job and I love the SLP's here. They have helped me so much. I have three CFY supervisors, okay one who signs the papers, but they all have given me so much help and let me know that even though I think I am a fraud, I am doing great. I also have another job announcement. If anyone is looking for a one day a week job working in a charter school let me know. The school is in SLC and pays $30 an hour. It would be a time committment of 5-7 hours one day a week. Your supervisor would be Carin Hadley (ring a bell kristen or melia?) It sounds like it would be a good side job for those who are looking for more work. Let me know if any of you are interested in either.


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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm knocked up!!

Some already know this but I'm gonna have a kid of some kind or another. YAY!! we will find out what kind it is in 2 weeks so until then I'm sure all of you will be on pins and needles. Anyway, that's the news. I'm due June 10th. Which makes timing our move back to the rockies interesting. My doctor doesn't want me traveling with a week and a half to go (what nonsense). And we need to move back to regain jobs and places to live. So I will get to go through the joy of leaving my job (and my CFY) 4 weeks early. Thus receiving the further joy of figuring out a second site for my last 4 weeks of my CFY.