Monday, February 23, 2009

Funny kids

So, I have a very fun creative and "out there" student I've been working with. Her teacher told me about a conversation they had:

Student: "Do you want to meet my Auntie?"
Teacher: "Sure I do."
Student: "No you don't, cause she's mean with a side of nastiness and she has a mustache."

I'm finishing up the /r/ sound with this kid at the conversation level. I gave her the option of either using conversation cards or just telling me a story. She decided to tell me a story (name in the story isn't her real name of course):

"Once upon a time there was an Amy and she was really great. And that's my story."

We ended up using conversation cards.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Calling All Blogs

I have updated the sites on the side bar of the blogs that y'all have added that I know about. If you would like to have your blog listed on the side so we can all go to your blog and ooo and ah over the pictures then please either send me an email at, or post it in the comments.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Social Skills Lesson

Hey Bob,
I love that you are so diligent about trying to keep us all in touch. I would love to try to get together sometime this spring or summer. Here is a little story for the blog.

I work with two third grade students that face some intellectual challenges. The little girl got in trouble because she was hugging and kissing the boys during recess. So I thought it time to bump up the social skills lessons. She came into me and blurted out that the little boy was not coming because he was mad at her. I took that opportunity to talk about personal space, hugging and kissing are for our families, we give high 5's at school, you know the drill. As we finished practicing some of those skills in walks the little boy. Who was mad because the little girl had been hugging him. So I launch into a repeat discussion and we practice a couple more times. They were both so excited they wanted me to take their picture to use in a social story. She says, "Let me practice one more time". After she appropriately approaches the little boy and he appropriately responds, I praise and praise. The little boy gets so excited he jumps up and gives the little girl a hug.

Networking over the Web

I've been trying to do more networking in the field of speech language pathology. So, I started playing with twitter with the idea that I could chat with other speech therapist (and people who share other interests). If you go to and sign up, add me. My user name on there is @aoirselvar.

One of my friends on Twitter sent me the following blogs that other SLP's write.

If Only I had Super Powers, is a blog by an SLP who has some great ideas.

Play on Words, another blog by another speech pathologist.

Early Intervention Speech Therapy, a blog by AdvanceWeb for SLPs

KidsTalk Therapy
, a website by @Tawnicoronado (twitter name), my twitter friend that gave me the other links.

Of course there is always email. The email I'm doing for my blogs is Please email me with questions, comments, suggestions, etc, etc. If you would like to post something let me know.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

classic moment

I was working with a 5th grade kid, who is on the autism spectrum, today. We was getting a baseline for the voiceless "th" sound. I started with a word list with the sound in the medial position. The first word was "anything". So, I said, "Say anything." The student complied and said "goose". I was a little befuddled at first, it took me a second to realize that he was just following my instructions.