Friday, April 18, 2008

A movie to see

I'm going to try write more on this blog, since I know there are at least a few readers. I came across an article talking about the stories of people with communication disorders. They talked briefly about a movie that I didn't know about (I rarely keep up with movies these days unless its a disney princess show - that's what happens when you are the parent of little girls). Anyway, the movie is called The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, based on Jean-Dominiques Bauby's autobiography, same title. This man had a brain stem stroke which resulted in lock-in syndrome. He dictated the whole book with someone pointing to letters and having him blink to select one. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I saw the preview. It is in french, but there are english subtitles (so if you don't like foreign films then this isn't for you). I just thought this might be a cool thing for us speechies. The website is Of course there's ton of information on the web about it. I'm sure some of you were already aware of it and I'm the slow one (which is the case 9 times out of 10), but I just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CCCs Almost here

I'm excited to finally get my CCCs (not so excited to pay ASHA dues). Are any of you guys going to start doing private practice right away? I want to do that, but I'm nervous about it. I'm afraid I don't think to highly of my skills (I think I'm getting better, but I still have a long way to go). I had an SLP here in Davis County say that there is actually a pretty high demand for private pratice in Utah (people are willing to pay to some degree). Not as good as other states, but like I said before, what am I going to do? Get my whole family to move with us somewhere. Bring the state that I grew up in with us? Besides the crap wages, I really do like living in Utah.
Anyway, I know people are checking this from time to time, so I'm trying to give them new things to read. Remember you can leave messages yourselves if you use that email I sent you guys. If you need another copy of the blog email then let me know.

Friday, April 04, 2008

I know you are there now

I know you are reading this blog because I've seen the hits. I'm not sure which one of you live in Arizona. Where did everybody end up? I haven't heard from Steve in a while.
Anyway, I'm really enjoying working in the schools. I'm probably get paid the least, but what do you do when you want to stay in Utah.  I have a year-round school and I've had an interesting time with the ever changing schedule, but next year my school is going traditional. But in my school district I always work on the regular schedule and get paid extra. I don't think it worked like that in some of the other districts (Melia, what is it like over in Jordan school district?). I work at an elementary school and a jr high. So, I have kids from K-9. Lots of fun. Anyways, I'm going to leave more messages about speech stuff here because know some of you at least glance at this website.
Talk to you later,