Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Fellow SLPs!  It's been TOO long!  I miss you all.  It is time for a blog entry from each of us.  I know Linds had a baby since I last saw her, Rachel moved, Bob's wife is pregnant again (right?) and I need to know more!
I'm still working at UofU Hospital and I love it but sometimes I think about doing traveling therapy.  Have any of you ever thought of that?  Good money, lots of adventure?
I get my very first student on Monday- she's straight from our beloved USU, and I am excited and a little nervous to share my, knowledge with another.  :) 
I heard Gantz isn't teaching anymore, and that Chad still is, and also works for Prenke-Romich AAC company.  I saw Gillam at ASHA, and that PhD student who's name escapes me right now.  Anyway, let's reunite and eat good food soon!  That last party at Fat Cats was fun.  Love y'all!


Bob said...

I hope my wife isn't pregnant again, we just had a baby last may! Yeah, we had a baby boy, named him Logan.

kristin said...

Whoops, I'm a geek... heehee