Friday, December 19, 2008

grammar errors

So, I had to write this real quick. I don't know why, because its pretty embarrassing. Okay, so as a speech therapist people hold me to a higher level of speaking. This is the frequent joke when I accidentally say something that doesn't make sense and everybody laughs. ha ha ha ha... (almost like that what about bob joke that never dies......) So, in an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for a student that really has some serious issues with verbal grammar to the point where its hard to understand him... so on the part where I write what the student needs to do (so and so needs to be able to produce grammatically correct sentences blaa blaa blaa). I apparently made a big grammar error when writing this sentences to the point where it didn't make sense when you read it out loud. When do I catch my mistake? As I'm reading it to the parents of the student in question. I'm just really inspiring the confidence of that parent that I can really help her son.


kristin said...

Hee hee, that's funny. Did you fake it and keep them from noticing? Well, I just wanna laugh that you defined IEP for us, tee hee. Anyway, I had a similar experience recently, when I was teaching a person to swallow, and in modeling with my own water I aspirated and coughed all over the place, even using a chin tuck- HAHA!

Bob said...

I posted this on this blog and my own blog at the same time which is why I gave a definition of an IEP. Yeah, I ate humble pie and corrected myself on the spot. It really wasn't that big of a deal, just a missed a word (I've always been a bad proofreader).