Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rants of /r/ articulation therapy

Oh, I just want to rant a little bit. I'm sick of /r/ kiddos not progressing. My younger kids make some good progress, but my 6th graders are making no progress. I don't know what to do short of grabbing their tongue and putting it in the right spot. Errr... (or rather Ehhhhh). Anyway, who's still in the schools? Anybody have any good ideas for /r/ articulation therapy for older students?]

Is anybody out there?

I actually know you guys are because I still get hits for this site, so I'll just posting. I try to do that a little more often. If you would like to post something and you forgot the email, please contact me. I don't want to post that email on the web (don't want just anybody to post), but email me, I have the same email from college (the gmail one that is).


Suspension Bridges said...

I will leave a comment bob. I am not in the schools and I won't be teaching any of my EI kids R either so you are on your own. Sorry.

Bob said...

Well, its good to see that there is somebody out there at least. I have good success with my /r/ kids in 3rd grade, just not so much in 6th grade.

kristin said...

Hey, have you ever heard of the program "The Entire World of R?" I have the book if you're interested and it takes them through all the types of R's, and I had good success with it when I worked in the schools. Hey, who is suspension bridges. I hope you check this comment, Bab, since it's an old thread. How can I get alerts when ppl post on here?

Bob said...

I would love to have a copy of the "entire world of /r/". Suspension Bridges is Alyssa Bridges (married name). And yes, I see this comment because I'm notified when anybody comments.