Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a party a party, yay!

Hey everybody, we're trying to plan a party to celebrate the end of our CFYs. Yay!!! Anyway, I know there are several people outside of you :( so we know not everybody will be able to come, but we're not sure what day to schedule the party.
Here is an email I got from Kristin about the whole thing. So please le me know what day you guys would prefer. As always, someone will have a conflict with everyday, that's just how it goes, so will pick the day that has the least problems. Give us your input on which day.
   Lindsay and I planned the party and we want you to help get the word out to the other SLPs...
Let's party at her parents' house one of the next 2 saturdays before she has the baby and it's too late.  What do you think?  Bring your own meat and side dish.  Yes?  17th, 24th or 31st? 

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