Monday, February 23, 2009

Funny kids

So, I have a very fun creative and "out there" student I've been working with. Her teacher told me about a conversation they had:

Student: "Do you want to meet my Auntie?"
Teacher: "Sure I do."
Student: "No you don't, cause she's mean with a side of nastiness and she has a mustache."

I'm finishing up the /r/ sound with this kid at the conversation level. I gave her the option of either using conversation cards or just telling me a story. She decided to tell me a story (name in the story isn't her real name of course):

"Once upon a time there was an Amy and she was really great. And that's my story."

We ended up using conversation cards.

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kristin said...

WOAH, mean AND with a side of nastiness. Double whammy! Well, looks like you've got your artic and language work cut out for you. Last night Matt had his first ngiht working w/ the YM, and there is a teenage boy he described, and afterward I said I was positive he has Aspergers- he is sooo in need of some speech therapy my friends!