Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Pooloza

AWESOME!!!! Go Genna, Lindee, Lindsey, and Arianna/Janet. Anyone else keeping a secret? All these babies coming are awesome. You would really think us Mormons are single handedly trying to populate the earth. So what if we are????? Both of my brothers just had babies. My two best friends  from high school are having babies this summer. My sister in law is also due this summer and Luke's cousin is having twins this summer. Oh and there are 3 people in our branch besides me who are having babies this summer. If "Saturday's Warrior" is true, then that baby sending station in heaven is totally booked for this summer. JK!
Go Genna for getting pregnant first. That is quite a feat! It is too bad about your CFY though. You will get done! Luke and I had to wait until our insurance kicked in to be covered which was one December 1st. The doctor predicted that the baby was actually conceived on Dec 1 or maybe even on Nov 30. Oops! What can I say? We didn't jump the gun at all... NOT! Good thing insurance can't count back that far!!
So when is everyone's due date?
Mine is August 25. And get this. Luke and I met each other at 8:30 in the morning on Aug. 25, 2003 (that is when we all had our first class with Sonia and she made us go around and meet 10 people and get their signatures). Then we got engaged at 8:30 AM on Aug 25, 2004 because Luke planned it that way (so sweet). And now our baby is set to be born Aug 25, 2008. Crazy how things work out huh? It probably won't come on the right day but you never know.
Congrats to everyone. I have to go make some dinner. Is anyone having constant headaches? HELP!
Hope work is going well.

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