Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Reporting Scores

I wish I would have known this before. I think I only had my scores sent to USU and to the state of Utah. Err, does that mean I'm going to have to pay extra? Oh, it was nice to finally get my praxis score back. Here is the useful email from Linda.

Hi everyone,
I went on the ASHA website and this is what I found out regarding Janet's question. I cut and pasted it here with the reference. Sorry my font and size are so large. I can't seem to change it. It started when I cut and pasted this info. (I feel like I am shouting, but pretend I am whispering, okay?)

Are any of you planning on attending the summer seminar at USU in 2 weeks?

See ya,


Reporting Scores

Exam results must be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in order to be applicable toward certification. When you register to take the exam, request that your score be reported directly to ASHA. ETS charges an additional fee to report scores after the examination has been taken.

To have ETS report your score to ASHA use the code R-5031 for Certification on the exam Registration Form as indicated in the ETS "Registration Bulletin."

Your score will be sent to the ASHA National Office within 8 weeks of the examination date. The National Office is able to automatically match scores with individuals only if your application for certification is on file with the Certification office at the time the score is received and if a computer record has been established for you.

To assist the National Office in processing your examination information, it will be helpful if you submit a copy of the report sent to you by the testing service when you submit your application for certification. However, please note that this copy will not be used as official verification of completion of the examination requirement.

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