Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I thought it might be helpful to share our mass email conversations

Okay kids, am I the only one that is confused? Did we find out if we need any more info about the CFY? On the COMD website it says they are going to send us a packet, did anyone get one? For those of you that have already started working what paperwork do I need? Are you starting the application process now or after you do your CFY? On the ASHA website it says to start now. It also says we need the program director’s signature for the ASHA application as well as the teacher license (I am doing that too), so do I have to go back up to Logan and have someone sign these things?

I feel a little but like we have all been left hanging without any real answers.

Or maybe I am freaking out because I start my CFY tomorrow!! Either way let me know what you all know. J (i.e. help!!!!)

I am looking forward to “pretending” to be an SLP!


Dear Confused,

Don't freak out. I asked my CFY supervisor and she is working on it. I don't know anything else, so if someone discovers anything else, please let us all know.

Deer in the Headlights

So, I attempted to start the paperwork, I dug around on the Idaho equivalent of USHA for a little while and found the paperwork for my state. it seems like even though you are starting a CFY you don't actually fill anything out until you are done. Although, I think it is good to get going on the paperwork now, just so you know everything that is involved. It turns out that the hours I'm getting this summer won't count toward my CFY so I don't have to worry about it until fall. at a later time, I might be able to scan my forms and show ya'll what I have if that would help.

I hope I helped instead of making everyone crazy again like I managed to do for the Praxis.

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