Monday, June 30, 2008

get together

Hey, a few of us met for lunch on June 28th in Salt Lake. It was great to see you guys! We had Kristin and spouse, Lindsey and spouse, Genna (spouse + baby boy), Stephanie, and myself (plus my family). We went to Fat Cats Pizza Factory in South Salt Lake. Hopefully we'll be able to do something like this again sometime.

So, Janet said that she would be willing to host the next party/get together. So, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Oh, and it was fun to see a bunch of you at the summer seminars at Utah State University. Stephanie, Pam, Linda and I got a chance to go out to eat.

talk to you later for now.


lex said...

I'm glad some of you guys were able to get together. Sounds fun. Speaking of meeting up with old classmates, I was at a hotel in Illinois a couple of months ago and ran into Rob from our undergrad class. He was on his way from school in Michigan to his AuD internship in Denver. Talk about random! Does anyone else have updates on long-lost classmates?

kristin said...

I got a random email from Wendy- remember Wendy? She is just as sweet as ever- and married now! I think it's Wendy Crabtree.