Tuesday, February 26, 2008

getting your CCCs

Here’s in update on what I found out about applying for your CCCs. There is a paper in the packet that Dr. Foley needs to sign before you can submit your paperwork. I suggest doing it early, because I sent it to he about 2 weeks ago and she hasn’t sent it back. I am just waiting on that before I can submit my paperwork. As far as all the other paperwork goes you have to send in the Rating form you and your supervisor have filled out, your application form to become a member of ASHA, and fork over your $$ ($336 if you were a member of NSSHLA for 2 years). Here is the page on ASHA with all the details-- http://www.asha.org/about/membership-certification/how_to_apply_for_certification.htm.  The last page in the Application Instructions and Form for 2005 Speech-Language Pathology Certification Standards is what Dr. Foley has to sign. Hope this helps everyone.

Congrats on all the upcoming babies! Can’t wait to see all the cute pictures!  I have some news that I am excited to share, too (no, not pregnant!) but it has to wait for a few more days. Hope everyone is doing well. I am jealous of all you guys who are soaking up the sun right now. Winter has definitely won this year in Utah!



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