Friday, August 11, 2006

Rachel's Question

I hope that its okay that I posted this Rachel, but it made sense. ~Bob

Hi Guys!
This summer has gone by so fast! I have been at McKay-Dee this summer. I have been able to do everything from modified barium studies to working with right hemisphere and aphasia patients. It has been quite the experience. The main reason I am writing is because I have to do an inservice for all the rehab therapists (SLP/OT/PT). I decided to do it on memory. I was just wondering if anyone remembered the activities that Dr. Foley did with us to test procedural, declarative, etc memory. I remember it being something with dinosaurs, but I don't have any mention of it in my neuro notebook. SO, if anyone can remember (and if anyone is checking their email) would you please let me now asap? Thanks so much. Can't wait to catch up with everyone!

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