Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Externships and Stuff

Well, a few of us got together on Friday to go out to eat and see Alyssa's at her wedding reception. We had a grand time, even if we were all lost (except for Kristin).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Genna is having a sailing get together at Bear Lake on June 17th (a Saturday). Lindsey said that she'd help plan something more local like a picnic or something.

How's everybody's externships? I'm at a care/rehab center working with older people. I've only been there for two days so far, but I really like it. I love hearing the clients' stories. We work mostly on swallowing, with some cognitive work for dementia.

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alexical said...

Hey y'all:

Still no excitement over the blog? I was so sure that as soon as classes were over, someone besides Bob would start posting! (Not that we don't cherish each and every one of Bob's posts....) I would love to know where everybody is and what you're all doing and learning. I did a short stint with the birth-3 program at the CPD in May, and now I am living in Taylorsville and working for Salt Lake City Corp. It's good times. Hope you're all having a good summer too.