Tuesday, May 02, 2006

BBQ time

Just wanted to post (for the hundreds of people who read "the blog") that the Fabulous First Year Grad Student Barbeque, Talent Show, and Swap Meet will be held tomorrow, or in other words, Wednesday. I personally will be doing a hawaiian hula number and then auctioning off my hula skirt at the swap meet later. Okay, so there really is no talent show or swap meet, but there is a barbeque. Yum. Bring your own meat (or soy product if you prefer) to grill, and bring a side to share. The shindig starts at 5:30, which means people will start arriving by 6, which means we'll be able to finally start consuming the food around 6:30 or 7. So come! It'll be fun.


Bob said...

We should plan another party for anyone who is going to be here in May, partly because I can go to the talent show on Wednesday.

Bob said...

Sadnes, the BBQ is canceled, will we ever get to see Alexis's amazing talents?

Lindsey's da bomb! said...

Alexis you are so funny! Your words are like poetry. You should write a book!