Monday, April 10, 2006

USU SLPs from 2007

This is a blog for the graduates of the speech-language pathology program at Utah State University class of 2007. Okay, we haven't graduated yet, but we're almost done with our first year. I just wanted to get started making this website/blog for us to inform each other of coming events, ask each other questions about stuff, and to hopefully keep in touch in the future when we all go on and do our own thing in the real world.

Any suggestions would be appriciated as we're forming this blog.

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zeke said...

Hello all

Man, this is a great idea bob. How come you didn't tell me about this:) Just thought I would say a little howdy howdy to everyone. I am loving my internship. Not to make you all jealous but I walk about 50yrs to my placement. I am working at a pediatric rehab in Logan. I have enjoyed learning from my supervisor and from the PT and OT.
Hope all is well. I am excited to see you all in the fall again.