Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hello from Camp Lee Mar

Hi everyone who uses the BLOG. I have finally had the time to create an account and write a message. We are in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains (more like rolling hills -we are 4 miles from the big bear ski mountiain and its more like what we would go sledding on). We went and toured NYC yesterday. Times square was awesome, ground zero was humbling, and the empire state building was breathtaking (Luke made me write that). Oh I will also tell you that we arrived at the ferry departure place to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty right as the guy was locking up the door on account of Luke having to go to the bathroom. I was sad but hey that means that before we head back to Utah in August we get to go again. I won't complain. There are 150 staff members and 150 campers all packed into a couple of buildings and playing/learning on about 5-8 acres of land. We have a swimming pool and a lake and get to go swimming everyday. It's really rough. Luke and I both have 34 kids we give therapy to once a day. We haven't started yet and so are a little intimidated by the large number but our supervisor is really cool. She is really easy going and graduated from Florida State University.
The wierdest thing so far is how we all eat. They call it "family style." Everyone sits at a table and they put the first bowl of say salad on the table. Then everyone passes the plates and the silverware around. Then they pass the bowl of salad around. After everyone is done eating the salad, everyone passes their plates into the garbage and new plates are passed back out. Then the main dish is passed around the table in the same way. We throw our plates away and then get bowls. Then the fruit comes in the same way. So in other words every dish of food is touched by every person around the table before you finally get to eat it. Talk about infection control. You'd think they would do it buffet style. Hmmm... Well there is lots more I could say but I am sure you have read all or more than you wanted to hear.
I hope all of your externships are going good and you are learning a lot. We are going to have like 100 language hours when we finish. AAAAH.
Do you guys like the humidity back east or the dry heat in Utah better?

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Kristin said...

K, I like the humidity! but it makes my hair go curly, so the dry then.